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Vacation Photo Album

Here are some pictures from a recent vacation I took.

Not my picture.
I have never been to Italy!
Again, not my picture.

I went to Santa Barbara! I went to the Arroyo Burro Beach. We built a campfire there. I also saw two horses on the beach. It was a dog beach, too!

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Smiley Family
A stupid smiling hiking family
Way too smiley!

I went ot Monterey! (Monterey County) It's in Cali with Santa Barabra. It took awhile to get there. I stayed there for a long time.

I'm getting tired of this picture!
A family on vacation; Size=180 pixels wide

I also went to San Francisco, or Frisco! I had a good time. We only stayed there for one night, though.

Stupid Italy.
Gondolas in Venice; Size=240 pixels wide
Isn't it?

I stayed a night in a Best Western Hotel while on my way back home. (I will never tell what city I live in, for stalkers.)

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